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Nice game. It's very fast paced and is challenging. Thank you for making it.

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Hello :)

When I saw your game being able to play as a rabbit I had to play it 🥰🥰

BunBun and Bonnie are so cute and I managed to save her! 

That was so sweet, I love rabbits 🥰🥰

Great art, great music but the difficulty is very high.


Gave this a few tries, while I'm not the best at this type of game (memorizing routes just isn't my forte) I did manage to get to the end with a score of 3700!  It was great that you were able to work in a minor story to help set up the gameplay. :)


I have been such a fan of your art for years so it means the world to see an rpgmaker vet that likes my game! Congrats on such a high score! I felt proud of the little story and what I managed to get done with the rtp!