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A valley somewhere......Stardew Valley?

how do I improve my intelligence? 

Ah, man, that was great. Played it through twice in the end, firstly during Strawberry Jam 3, and secondly after the commercial release. And I earned enough to buy a mansion in one day using this one weird trick! :p

Haha I'm so happy to see a fan from the beginning! I'm happy to make something you enjoyed thanks for playing!

I played your game today, i liked that there were no battles,grinding didn't take very long and that you needed ? amount of points to get something to happen.
it was short,but at least it was a relaxing experience.
personally i like to have more to a experience but it was okay for what it was.

by the way, was this still in development? the food place in middle town was not available.

I'm certainly glad that you enjoyed it!! And I appreciate the fixes, I'll be sure to look at that later. Did you also look at the walkthrough? Lots of hidden content some people tend to miss.

As far as this game goes I actually plan a commercial release April 18th, since it received a good enough reception. It'll only be about 1$ or so, with a slightly longer free demo, work promotion system, more areas, and more npcs/items. I'm actually working on a patreon page as I type this as well. 

I always appreciate people who take the time to comment and give their opinion, so thanks again!

Hello, i wanted to give feedback in a direct message but it seems this site doesn't offer that feature.
some grammar improvements