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Really good, too bad is too short... at least the main story. 

Oh thank you for the feedback! If you want.. each character actually has 3 different conversations you can have with them each round. It's all optional and reveals a bit more lore for those who wanted more!

Hi there!

As a fan of tactical battles, I did a try. But saved the progress to play later.

When I tried to play it again, I can't. The game pops up an error:

Sorry about that =/I will try playing it without stop until the end next time.

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That... is admittedly a new one. Hmm. I know when first loading the browser version it would very rarely give the error, but I assumed it was the player because upon refresh and every other attempt the error doesn't appear. Out of curiosity do you know where you saved? I'll add it as a bug to the boars. I'm sorry you experienced that I believe you found a rarer bug!

Edit: It's also such a shock to see plugin creators I've respected for awhile playing my game. It really is an honor.

It can happen! Don't worry!

I saved right after we leave the first the area and enter on another map where the other players are.

Then I got two more monster. Then I saved.

I will let you know when I play again! I was liking it so far! ^^

Good to know and to test for! Thank you!