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Press Kit:  https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HyYXHdmCCRVSc11NIbZiqPMy8Zpt87YE?usp=sharing

Capsule Collecting and Tactical Battle await you!

According to our records, you have died! CONGRATULATIONS! While we work on your next rebirth, we have arranged a game for you and your fellow recently un-alived compatriots! Your file here states that you love COLLECTABLE CAPSULE MONSTERS and TACTICAL RPG COMBAT and a RANDOMIZED GASHAPON MACHINE. Also CAPS LOCK!!!

The winner gets to have a single wish towards their rebirth, so battle tactically, make good trades, and hope the gashapon in the sky has mercy upon your soul!

Capsule Monsters: Tactics! is a single player, narrative-driven game with a hidden dark lore I challenge you to find!

-20 collectable capsule monsters, each with their own stats, attack types, flavor text, and custom art!

-Tactical Battle System inspired by games like Fire Emblem and Advance Wars.

-Randomized Gashapon system, which capsule monsters will you end up with?!? 

-Trade system with NPCs. 

-A heartwarming story about taking a hard look at the life you lived, and deciding what exactly it is you'd want to wish for your future reincarnation.

-Diverse and inclusive npcs!

Credit to IceCreamChips for making the cover!

Thank you all for playing and leaving your feedback. It means the world to me.

And as always to my wife: Thank you for supporting me in everything I do.



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All makes sense, and then the CAPS LOCK! haha!

Good luck on the kickstarter!

Thank you!! Once I get 60 followers on it, it'll be time to launch. I appreciate all the encouragement I've gotten from people so far!


This is a very interesting game i like the yugioh capsule monster games someday i will make a game inspired by it too.I wish you the best in this project!

Happy to hear you're interested in my game! If you ever finish that game let me know I'd be happy to check it out!






As you already know, I streamed your game last weekend. Overall, I think the game has a lot of work to do before it's ready for the big time.

I enjoy the custom artwork that has been done in this game, which helps it stand out from a lot of the fair that I play. There's clearly been love and care put into the game, and the tactical combat is a treat.

However, the balancing seems really poor. For a game that presents itself rather light-heartedly, it's rather unforgiving. It was a real kick to the nuts when I was able to fail the tutorial and the game just goes on without me. This has a few problems: 1) It really sets a bad precedent of what to expect ahead, really lowering my motivation. 2) It doesn't give players a chance to explore and experiment with your game.
The current design philosophy behind the fights is the reason why the tutorial killed me, and killed me quite swiftly: The monsters have low health pools and deal high-damage skills leading to a low time to kill.

Ultimately this leads to cheese strategies of huddling all of your monsters into a tight group and waiting for the rather dumb AI to slowly make its way over to your group.
I don't know if later in the game enemy attacks/skills force the player into using different strategies, but my main point is that it is a real shame that the very first fights you are able to do require the player to huddle into a group instead of trying to think strategically.

I hope with time this game will improve and become a real winner, but as it is now, it definitely needs a lot more time in the oven.

obligatory copy-paste:

If you'd like to watch my experience with your game, I've linked the archive below. You can click the timestamps to jump to when I start playing your game.

Really good, too bad is too short... at least the main story. 

Oh thank you for the feedback! If you want.. each character actually has 3 different conversations you can have with them each round. It's all optional and reveals a bit more lore for those who wanted more!

If you still think the game's a bit short I have not only expanded the number of capsule monsters but did quite a bit of quality of life improvements in preparation for the kickstarter!

Hi there!

As a fan of tactical battles, I did a try. But saved the progress to play later.

When I tried to play it again, I can't. The game pops up an error:

Sorry about that =/I will try playing it without stop until the end next time.

(1 edit)

That... is admittedly a new one. Hmm. I know when first loading the browser version it would very rarely give the error, but I assumed it was the player because upon refresh and every other attempt the error doesn't appear. Out of curiosity do you know where you saved? I'll add it as a bug to the boars. I'm sorry you experienced that I believe you found a rarer bug!

Edit: It's also such a shock to see plugin creators I've respected for awhile playing my game. It really is an honor.

It can happen! Don't worry!

I saved right after we leave the first the area and enter on another map where the other players are.

Then I got two more monster. Then I saved.

I will let you know when I play again! I was liking it so far! ^^

Good to know and to test for! Thank you!