Have you ever wanted to play a game where two lesbians on a date destroy the Westboro Baptist Church? 

Have you ever needed a cathartic video game experience where you could (literally) defeat homophobia?


Take part in a game where two brave heroes set out in an rpg world to defeat the evil bigotry in this exciting rpg!


A tactical battle system

Stupid jokes


Some other 4th thing

(Please note that this game does not promote violence or counter hatred. This game is meant to be a comedic and cathartic gaming experience for my lgbt community.)


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Uh, how do you play?

how do i get to the dongeon?


I'm thoroughly confused by the battle system and also Michelle can't be healed? Um,  help?

this game have such a cute style,the tilesets are amazing, the art is so cute and beautiful!

 i love it a lot, and the history is so good and funny XD, i love the joke about the cliche magic RPG games (generic but classic!)

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wow cant believe you invented games

seriously though, this is one of my favorite rpg maker games i've played, idk if you plan on updating it but if you do, that'd be epic

the battle system is kinda glitchy, not sure if thats my computer or the game. still, great job dude