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*****UPDATE 1/9/2019

Given that the IGMC 2018 is over I was able to fix any and all game breaking bugs. This game is now completely playable without anything major to ruin your experience. I plan to later revisit this game to make it even better and continue Matsuki's story once I'm better at game development! Thank you to everyone supporting me who left comments!!


The Drakul are a race of non-humans, some nomadic, some not, just like the human nations. But to the humans, their simply Yokul, or demons, hated beings they clash with at times. But this story isn’t about that, this is the story of a small little valley, near the cat’s eye stream, bordering the no-lands of forgotten shadow, the small town of Quin-song, the place of peace. Far enough away from the borders of Men and near no military bases, this small village has enjoyed peace in these troubled times, and life continues there as it always has, with seldom visitors or people leaving, it is a place untouched by Man’s greed or of Drakul’s pride.

Matski is a young Drakul about to be accepted by her village as a full blown adult. As part of her village’s customs, she is volunteering with the master of whichever craft she decides for herself. Once she completes the volunteering and is accepted full-time by the master, she will be given her adult name and allowed to pursue a partner for herself. Eyeing the beautiful Shiori (much to the amusement and teasing of her younger sibling), the two are beginning to hit things off and slowly build their relationship up until her adulthood.


-Fishing, mining, farming, crafting, forging, cooking, armor making, ect. 

-1 childhood friend you can try to win over before the end of the game!

-5 professions (cooking, fighting, armor making, and forging) to choose from at the end of the game, experience them all!

-Carefully crafted story with extra details and lore for those who want to talk to the townspeople everyday!

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Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
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GenreSimulation, Role Playing
Made withRPG Maker
TagsRetro, Romance, RPG Maker


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Actually loved the worldbuilding in this so much!

very good game, i hope it can be complete some day.

While it's not in the immediate plans my next release will be a commercial version of Capsule Monsters! Imagine if Pokémon, Yugioh, and Fire Emblem mashed together and you get collectable capsule monsters fighting it out. If you liked the romance in Monster Village there's another gay romance in Capsule Monsters! 

Totally on it, i love the concept.

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Finally got a chance to stream this game! My stream loved it. It's definitely worth playing. Cute, cozy and endearing is how I would describe it. A village full of monsters who are much, much more.

Ah can't believe I missed spending time in the Bim Louge with ya'll!! Glad you found some joy in my old little game!!

I do believe you're the person I owe a free copy of Gigolo Sim to, correct? Let me know how I can send your free key!

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that would be awesome. You can add me on discord or join my server. thanks



Or u could just send a whisper to my twitch 

Lovely little RPG! The dialogue was funny and the game mechanics felt pretty intuitive. Would love to play the sequel if you ever make it!


oh goodness it's been so long since I've made it I see all my flaws with it now haha. I might make a remake one day now that I more fully understand how to do these things.

I would like to play this but my computer tells me it can't read the file.

hi there! The downloaded file is zipped you'll have to right click and unzip the folder!

Wooooooooooow!!!!!!  I can not wait for the full release of this game, I am already hooked

In benders voice: Let's goooooooo allllrrrrlready xD

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Hello! I just did a let's play of your game and wanted to share.

For a second tho, I thought the MC's name was Natsuki. I enjoyed the game though!

fantastic game

i managed to get stuck in the mine, because jet was blocking the only way out. 

This game is not able to be downloaded/installed at all from within the itchio desktop application.  Please fix this issue!  Thanks!

That's very strange! I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing any trouble? It downloads as a zip file so you will have to extract the files.

This is how it appears from within the itchio desktop application.  No 'install' capability.  Please remedy this issue.

im having the same issue.