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Wooooooooooow!!!!!!  I can not wait for the full release of this game, I am already hooked

In benders voice: Let's goooooooo allllrrrrlready xD

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Hello! I just did a let's play of your game and wanted to share.

For a second tho, I thought the MC's name was Natsuki. I enjoyed the game though!

fantastic game

i managed to get stuck in the mine, because jet was blocking the only way out. 

This game is not able to be downloaded/installed at all from within the itchio desktop application.  Please fix this issue!  Thanks!

That's very strange! I haven't heard of anyone else experiencing any trouble? It downloads as a zip file so you will have to extract the files.

This is how it appears from within the itchio desktop application.  No 'install' capability.  Please remedy this issue.

im having the same issue.