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In no Country for Straight people you take the role as Anne, a soft-spoken cowgirl who the whole town seems to think is a man! Can you still somehow win the woman of your dreams!

Short game made for the Gay Western game jam, features some basic dating sim elements, fetch quests, and a cow herding minigame. If it ends up being something people enjoy I'd be happy to expand on this!


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This game is really awesome, but is there any way for Anne to give her the necklace?

This is such a sweet little thing and honestly i d love for it to be a full game!! but even if you don t make a full thing out of it i enjoyed it. Thank u for makin this ^^

Oh my gosh!!! Such a good game! I wish there was more to it.. If the NPCs need a friendly reviewer to suggest it.. here she is! Please add more! It's so good!

Why thank you!! Keep an eye out maybe in a year or two I can expand it!

I made an account just to review this game. I love it! It was cute, and gay and that just makes my heart melt. I would love to see more, but even if I never do, I'm satisfied.

Ah that means so much!! I'm so happy you loved the game so much! I plan to try to expand the game in maybe a year or so while I work on other ideas. After I learn some more, I like to fix up older games.

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I can't seem to find a second thing to give the lady because i already took her to the house but when i went to hers it says i need something but there's nothing else

edit: nvm i figured it out:)

edit2: i just finished and i love this game.  I wish there was more to it like making the game harder/longer but otherwise gg


I'm overjoyed to see you like it! This game has been doing very well on itch so I've been debating expanding it into a commercial title! Thank you for the feedback I'm happy you were able to see the ending!


whenever i talk to the guy who says "ahh" my gameplay freezes. very cute game aside from that

Damn.  Are you playing the browser version


This is a very cute little game! Unfortunately i got stuck at the part where you herd the cow into the pen, but all the same it was very sweet!

it's strange I can't seem to recreate this bug, could you take a screenshot? do you go to the pen sign to close it?

I also got stuck at this part...


O_O well I'll be sure to look into that then thank you so much for the screenshot so I can narrow this down..


Please let me know when this bug gets fixed. Also, I have a necklace but the game says I don't have anything for the pretty lady on the horse?

i cant close the gate too ToT i already have the necklace but it keeps saying that the cow isnt in there, do u know when its about to get fixp pls??

I had this issue but once I left the screen and came back it became fixed.. Maybe try that?

what program was the game made in ive been looking but haven't been able to find out

This game was made using rpg maker mv, the same program I use for all of my games. The graphics are from finalbossblues (see credits for full list).

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How do you unmount your horse? Cause I tried, practically, every key.

so unfortunately at the moment the only way to do so is by going in a building! This was made in a week for a jam so something like that just wasn't implemented. I also still need to fix the quest with cow herding.

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Very sweet and cute!

Thank you!


i actually really enjoy this game, i only wish there was some sort of marriage system ya know


This game is doing surprisingly well view-wise, so a more expanded version may be on the way after I finish the other game I'm working on!


I love this game!!! It was calming and sweet, and I'd love to see a marriage system, plus a trading system. the only thing i could only get off the horse by going into the inn or the church, was this intended? it didnt affect my gameplay tho. Thank you for this game!!!! 

The lack of option to get off the horse was intentional, but may be amended in a future addition. I'm happy to see you like the game, if you want to make more suggestions, I welcome you to my patreon


Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to get any farther than the cow because the sign wouldn't recognize it was in the pen...but I love this game and it's super cute! I'd love to see more in the future, with a marriage and trading system with the applicable npcs! :D Following!

Same! I had problems with the cow too :/


Ah I'm so very sorry that that bug occurred! I'll try to fix it in a fute edition. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! on my patreon on my public posts you can post your opinions .

Ah I'm so very sorry that that bug occurred! I'll try to fix it in a fute edition. I'm glad you enjoyed the game! on my patreon on my public posts you can post your opinions .