Now on Patreon and Commercial Release in Progress!!

So after careful consideration, I've created a Patreon page for myself!!

So now any patrons can have early access to any games I work on and be a part of the creation experience by telling me what THEY WANT! I've purposely kept the tiers very low so that any and all of you can get a fair deal and have access to everything. I am currently working on a commercial release for Gigolo Sim which will be released on April 18th! For those who are a $1 patron or above, this release will BE FREE for them!! 

But for those of you not looking to become a patron the game will have an further extended demo version and will only sell for 1-2$ anyway.  I want to give people a good experience for a reasonable price! Planned features include:

  • More npcs (50% done!)
  • More love interests(both male and female, because all the homo)
  • More items!(10% done!)
  • More jobs (from twitch streamer to spitter on Onion rings!)
  • Promotional System!(20% done!)
  • An updated HUD!(completed!)
  • Custom pixel images for main actions!
  • Addition of mini games (one of at least two completed!!)
  • More areas to explore!(SIX maps already completed!! (see spoiler below for the new CASINO)


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Mar 08, 2019

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