Just two more weeks til the commercial release!!!

***Devlog 4/5/2019 Below***

Wow those two weeks sure fly by when you're working so hard!! My commercial release date is still set to April 18th so I hope everyone's ready! After much deliberation, the price of the game will be released for only $1!! This is both as an acknowledgement that as it's my first commercial release (though my 4th released game overall) and I want people to be willing to give it a shot, without a huge price barrier in the way.

Remember! For those who are a 1$ Patron of me, you get to have a real say in what I put in the game (as well as a free copy and a place in the credits!!!)


Updated Stats

  • Total unique items: 40+ (80% done, I'm shooting for over 50)
  • 3 of the planned at least six jobs done! (50%)
    • Each job also has 4 tiers so 12 total job levels, each with different benefits, requirements, and payouts!)
  • SEVEN unique maps have been added and evented, a number that doubles the amount in the original demo
  • TWO casino minigames have been completed, with a third currently in development!
  • JIGSAW- I mean, "Jiggles" is now the guy that works at the casino??? 
    • Do you aspiring Gigolos want to play a game?? How much is your money worth to you?!?!

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