The casino is up and running!

The casino is up and running!

General Summary

You get to live out your fantasies in Gigolo Sim! Tired of his stupid 9 to 5, Gigolo is being pressured by his uncle to inherit his farm in some valley somewhere, but Gigolo just wants to get laid! Multiple times! So he decides to go to the big city where his story begins!!

-Train your Intelligence, Strength, and Charm to impress men and women alike!

-Take up a job using your special skills to earn some money!

-Laugh at stupid old internet jokes!!

-Explore your environment to find all sorts of hidden items and quests!

-Want to find a dirty dildo and insert it into a questionable hole? You can do that!!!

-Lots of REALLY stupid and vulgar comedy! Can you find it all?

-There's so much more I plan on adding! You guys will love it!

Bug fixes 4/21/2019

-A bug preventing the slot machine and blackjack from working have been fixed!

-Now you can gamble money in game and quickly make up the requirements for buying the mansion and other wasters of money!




Gigolo Sim 2.0(Windows)FREE by 121 MB
Apr 21, 2019
Gigolo Sim 2.0(Linux) FREE by 165 MB
Apr 21, 2019

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